Delivery Problems 19/11/2015

We learnt earlier today that deliveries of The Ringing World for last week were seriously disrupted. The disruption appears to have been clustered in a few areas; Guildford and Staines have been cited. Royal Mail have been asked to investigate but this will apparently take two weeks. The root cause of the problem arose from our printer going into liquidation on Tuesday last week (two days before publication). Our broker got another printer and decided to pay for RW to go out first class as the new printer would need an extra day for the process. Royal Mail decided to query this when they received the distribution information, as we usually go out second class, but sent the email both late and to the wrong address. The edition was finally posted on Friday evening and should have arrived on Saturday morning. Why it did not arrive on Saturday morning but was delayed in some areas by a couple of days is not yet clear.

We apologise for the inconvenience and disappointment caused.

We understand that the missing copies are gradually arriving. If yours has not yet arrived, please contact our office, preferably This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

University Ringing

For those going to or thinking of university this year... there is a new website available to help with your decisions!

The 70% Challenge Nigel Orchard, Chairman, The Ringing World Ltd

Future of The Ringing World

My article of 27th March about the future of The Ringing World provoked a lively and mainly constructive discussion in a number of forums. There was also a very helpful indication of opinions at our AGM by our members and many helpful comments received informally at the CCCBR meeting in Hull. The board is grateful to all who contributed and has given careful consideration to the views expressed... read more



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