Notices and Adverts

Notices published in issue 5440 (July 31 2015) and in the two preceding issues


FRANK LEWIS, ringer at Brasted, died on 22 July, aged 78. Funeral will be at Brasted, Kent on Monday 3 August at 1pm, following private cremation. All welcome. Family flowers only, but donations for the KCACR Bell Restoration Fund to Catherine Lewis, 27 Main Road, Sundridge, Sevenoaks TN14 6EF.        [6114]

DON COBB of East Pennard, Somerset, Life Vice-President and former Master of the Essex Association and former tower captain, Waltham Abbey, died on 14 July. His funeral will take place at East Pennard at 1pm on Thursday, 30 July. No flowers, please. [6111]

ANTHONY (Tony) HUMPHREY of Hurstpierpoint, Sussex died on July 3rd, aged 84. Funeral will at South Chapel, Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton on Tuesday 21st July at 2.30pm. Ringers welcome. Family flowers only but donations welcome to St Peter & St James Hospice, c/o Bowley. Funeral Service, 30 Keymer Road, Hassocks BN6 8AN.    


It is with deep regret that we must advise of the death of MICHAEL (Mick) KERNAN from post-operative complications. Mick was the inspiration and founder of the Fire Service Guild of Bellringers [FSGB] back in 1988, was our chairman for many years and was unanimously voted our President when the position became vacant. A more comprehensive obituary will follow in due course. Peter Knight.           [6110]

Change of Address


For sale / wanted

MINI-RING. 8, 10lb in G. Offers over £3,000, Delivered. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +33563 415392. [6112]

46 WHITECHAPEL HANDBELLS. 22C-1C Diatonic restored to new condition £8,500. Viewable, Fleet, Hants. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                     [6113]

TOWER BELL. Models with/without bells. Church Bells of Staffordshire by Lynham, quarto sized, excellent condition. Taylor bell 1979 1¼cwt with headstock, clapper, chiming rope and wheel. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. [6082]

University Announcements

Guild / Association Announcements

Open Days



In aid of the NDA Bell Restoration Fund

and The St Peter Mancroft Ringing Centre Appeal

All towers open for one hour from the time stated.
Any problems on the day phone Betty Baines on 07780605176.

GF: ground floor T: toilet R: refreshments

Reepham, St Michael & All Angels         9am      8 bells 8-3-22   NR10 4JL, TG100228 TR

Salle, SS Peter & Paul                             9.30am 8 bells 18 cwt   NR10 4SG, TG110248

Heydon, SS Peter & Paul                       10am    6 bells 6-2-10   NR11 6RG, TG113274

Saxthorpe, St Andrew                          10.30am                      6 bells 2-3-10            NR11 7BH, TG116304               GF R

Aylsham, St Michael                             11am    10 bells 17-1-6 NR11 6EU, TG192270   TR

Marsham, All Saints                              11.30am                      8 bells 7-3-15            NR10 5PP, TG196237               T

Hevingham, St MaryV/St Botolph         12noon 5 bells 12 cwt   NR10 5QU, TG201223  T

Stratton Strawless, St Margaret          12.30pm                      6 bells 12 cwt            NR10 5LN, TG221207               GF

Buxton, St Andrew                               1pm      6 bells 10-2-1   NR10 5EZ, TG233227   GF,T,R

Lamas, St Andrew                                 1.30pm                        5 bells 8-2-17            NR 10 5JQ, TG245232

Scottow, All Saints                                2pm      6 bells 10-2-14 NR10 5DP, TG265237

Barton Turf, St Michael                        2.30pm                        6 bells 10-2-14          NR12 8YU, TG343218               GF T

Coltishall, St John the Baptist                3pm      6 bells 10-0-25 NR12 7DW, TG271197 T

Horsham St Faith, SS Mary/Andrew    3.30pm                        6 bells 8 cwt              NR10 3JJ, TG215150  TR

Drayton, St Margaret                            4pm      6 bells 7-3-27   NR8 6EF, TG180137  GF,T,R

Weston Longville, All Saints                4.30pm                       6 bells 10-2-17          NR9 5JU, TG113158

Honingham, St Andrew                        5pm      6 bells 7-1-2     NR9 5BT, TG114112

Norwich, St Giles                                  5.30pm                        8 bells 13-3-21          NR2 1EZ, TG225086

Norwich, Coslany, St Michael & All Angels          6pm                8 bells 14½cwt          NR3 3DU, TG228089  T

Norwich, St George, Colgate            6.30pm                        6 bells 9-2-24            NR3 1DD, TG229090  TR

Norwich, All Saints Centre                7pm      6 bells 5-2-16   NR1 3LG, TG231082  T

Norwich, St Peter Mancroft             7.30pm                        12 bells 37-3-15        NR2 1QX, TG229084  T

Day tickets will be £12 on sale at the morning towers or available in advance from
Mrs Betty Baines, Algars Farm, Walcot Green, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 5SR.
Please make cheques payable to NDA Ringers and enclose an SAE.
Individual towers will be £2 per tower.

NB: in order to ring at Norwich, Coslany, ringers will be required to sign a disclaimer.

For any more information please phone Betty on 01379 643293 or mobile 07780605176
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



The Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers
Mere Branch

LEBRF Open Day

Saturday August 15th 2015

Time         Tower & Dedication                              Bells    Weight     Grid Ref     Postcode

9.00 am    Mere, St Michael the Archangel               8       23.0.0      811323    BA12 6DS

9.20am     Maiden Bradley, All Saints                       6       13.2.7      804386    BA12 7HA

9.40am     Stourton, St Peter                                   6       11.2.0      776339    BA12 6QE  T R

10.00am   Zeals, St Martin                                       6      10.3.23     780316    BA12 6NU   T

10.20am   Bourton, St George                                 6       12.1.6      786303     SP8 5BN

10.40am   Silton, St Nicholas                                   6       9.0.10      783294      SP8 5PR

11.00am   Gillingham, St Mary the Virgin                 8      24.1.12     806265     SP8 4AW

11.20am   Kington Magna, All Saints                        5       14.3.3      768231      SP8 5EG

11.40am   Fifehead Magdalen, St Mary Magdalene  3        8.0.0       783216      SP8 5RT

12noon     Stalbridge, St Mary                                 6      17.3.10     733182     DT10 2LR    T

12.20pm   Stourton Caundle, St Peter                      4       10.0.0      715152    DT10 2QH

12.40pm   Lydlinch, St Thomas a Becket                   5       16.0.0      742134     DT10 2JA

1.00pm     Sturminster Newton, St Mary                  6      16.1.22     788140    DT10 1AX


1.40pm     Marnhull, St Gregory                               6       19.0.2      781188     DT10 1PZ    T

2.00pm     Margaret Marsh, St Margaret                  4        5.0.0       824186      SP7 0AZ

2.20pm     Iwerne Minster, St Mary                         6      14.1.12     868145     DT11 8LS

2.40pm     Fontmell Magna, St Andrew                    6       13.3.2      865170      SP7 0NY

3.00pm     Compton Abbas, St Mary the Virgin         5        9.0.0       869154      SP7 0NL

3.20pm     Melbury Abbas, St Thomas                     5       7.2.27      882201      SP7 0DZ   T R

3.40pm     Donhead St Mary, St Mary the Virgin       6       9.1.10      906245     SP7 9DQ

4.00pm     Tisbury, St John the Baptist                     6       16.0.9      944291      SP3 6AZ     T

4.20pm     Chilmark  St Margaret of Antioch             6      12.3.24     970328      SP3 5AP

4.40pm     Hindon, St John the Baptist                     6        9.2.0       910330      SP3 6DJ

5.00pm     East Knoyle, St Mary the Virgin                6       12.0.8      880305      SP3 6AE

5.20pm     Semley, St Leonard                                 6      26.0.12     892269     SP7 9AU

5.40pm     Motcombe, St Mary the Virgin                6        7.0.7       849253      SP7 9NT   T R

6.00pm     Shaftesbury, St James                             6        9.2.0       858224     SP7 8HG

6.20pm     Shaftesbury, St Peter                              6      12.2.26     863229      SP7 8LY     T

R = Refreshments, T = Toilets.

All towers open for one hour from the time shown.

£1 per tower, or day tickets (£15), which are available from stewards at the first five towers on the route

ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE LEBRF (The Salisbury Guild Bell Restoration Fund)
(Registered Charity No.270529)

Any changes will be listed on the Guild website and at the first five towers of the day


General Announcements



St Botolph Without,
Aldgate, London, EC3N 1AB

All with an interest in the future of change ringing are invited to attend.
Agenda and papers available to download at
The meeting is expected to finish
no later than 4pm.

See prior notice, RW July 10th p.710
for more details.

R Hancock Secretary.[3030]

RW: Notice re
identification of payments

We are having some difficulty in identifying the purpose of some payments we are receiving and this is leading to increased admin work and may result in your payment not being correctly attributed.

Performance donations through Bellboard and Paypal are highly automated and should present no problems.

For cheques also it should be straightforward if there is a note with the cheque making it clear what it is for – back numbers, merchandise, account (please specify) top-up, or a donation for a specific performance.

In the 70% Challenge article, we requested: “… please make any payment by BACS before you send in the performance and note in the email or letter how much you have transferred and whether for the performance or account”

BACS printouts may give us very little detail; just the name of the payer and the amount so it is important to let us know exactly what the payment you have made is for. An email to our acounts dept can easily give us what we need to know.

 Payments via BACS do give you the opportunity for a reference (usually 18 digits). We would appreciate your using this facility to help tell us what the payment is for. “DON [ation] peal XXYYZZ [date]” or “DON QP XXYYZZ” or “DON AC + brief a/c reference”. References may also be made to SUBS renewals (with your name) or MERCHandise or BACK number purchases; the date of the order would help. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate payments from people with the same surname, so, if space allows and you think there might be an identification problem, your full initials could be included.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Nigel Orchard

Chairman, The Ringing World Ltd

Weekday Meetings and Practices

NORTHANTS MIDWEEK GROUP. Wednesday 5th August at Higham Ferrers (10) 2-4pm. Method: Little Bob Royal. All welcome.[3026]

L&MDA. Practice on Fri 31st July at St Hilary from 10.30am. All welcome.         [3024]

Meetings on Saturday July 25

OXFORD D.G. East Berks & South Bucks Branch. Branch practice at Hughenden (8), 7-9pm. All welcome.      [3023]

Meetings on Saturday August 1

LACR. Blackburn Branch. Meeting at Blackburn Cathedral 3.30-5pm and 6.30-8pm. The Cathedral Tower members will be able to provide tea/coffee etc. between sessions. There will be no catering supplied but there will be a Jacobs join so please can every person planning on attending bring a mixture of sweet and savoury to share with everyone.             [3034]

BEDFORDSHIRE ASSOCIATION. Bedford District. Ringing Meeting on the recently refurbished bells of St Mary, Bletsoe. 10am-12noon. All welcome.[3027]

GUILD OF DEVONSHIRE RINGERS. N/NW Branch. Monthly Practice at Ilfracombe HT (8). 6.30-8.30pm. Visitors welcome.[3028]

HERTFORD C.A. Northern District. Practice Rushden (6), Saturday 1st August 6.30-7.30pm, SM Norwich S Minor; Wallington (6) 7.30-8.45pm, SM Plain Bob Doubles. Also Friday Aug 14th, Surprise Advanced Practice at Hitchin (12) 7.30-9pm. All welcome.[3029]

Meetings on Saturday August 8

EAST GRINSTEAD AND DISTRICT GUILD. Evening Meeting at Barcombe (6) 6.30-8.30pm.        [3035]

HERTFORD C.A. Eastern District. Saturday 8th August. Summer Social Evening, Bring & Share Picnic, Quarterly Meeting and Ringing at St Nicholas, Great Munden. Ringing from 5pm. Bring your own food to share, and drinks. All welcome.          [3036]

HERTFORD C.A. Western District. Meeting at Apsley End (6) 3pm, service 4.30pm followed by tea, business meeting and evening ringing. Names for tea to Geoff Fielding, 01442 268256.      [3031]

PDG. Daventry Branch. Meeting 8th August at St John the Baptist, Hellidon. 5 Bell Striking Competition – draw at 2.45pm, starting at 3pm. Service 4.30pm followed by tea and meeting. Evening ringing at St Nicholas, Willoughby, Warwickshire 7-8.30pm. Names for tea to Lynne Bowler telephone 01327 262762 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Thursday prior.      [3037]

Meetings on Saturday August 15

LADIES GUILD. East Midlands Branch. Saturday August 15th 2015. 10am-10.45am Swinderby, All Saints 5, SK868632. 11am-11.45am Bassingham, St Michael & All Angels 6, SK908597. Meeting and Lunch at “The Five Bells” Bassingham 12-2pm. 2.15-3pm Norton Disney, St Peter 6, SK890590. If you wish to eat with the group please contact Val Webb on 07905 722488 (evenings only) for menu choice by August 8th at the latest.   [3032]