The Ringing World

The Ringing World is a weekly magazine produced by ringers, for ringers, about ringers and bell ringing. Each issue normally comprises 24 pages, with 4 or more in colour. Edited by an active ringer, it contains articles, advice, reports, training material, notices of ringing events and many other items of interest.

It also contains the definitive and authoritative record of peals rung throughout the globe.

The Ringing World Ltd is both a limited company and a registered charity, operating from offices in Andover, Hampshire. Our staff consist of a board of directors who act as the trustees of the charity, and also a small number of paid employees.

In addition to the magazine, The Ringing World Ltd also produces The Ringing World diary and calendar, along with other occasional publications that may be of interest to the ringing community. But above all we strive to be first choice for must-have information about ringers and ringing.

The Ringing World’s unique position within the ringing community allows it to act as a permanent address for the Central Council and also the first point of contact for many media (and other) enquiries about bells, bell ringing and ringers.

The linked sub-pages below explain how the magazine is produced, introduce you to the hard-working team who get the publication out each week, and outline our history (dating back to 1911).

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