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There's really a weekly magazine about bellringing?

Yes. Every single Friday since 24th March 1911. There have been no missed issues, not even in either of the World Wars, though the page count decreased due to the price and shortage of paper.

The only exception to the weekly publication is that for several decades, the last issue of the calendar year has been a double issue, covering two weeks, to give the hardworking editorial staff a short break over Christmas.


Why are there all these pages of peals and quarter peals?

The Ringing World is proud to be a journal of record for the ringing community. 

The Ringing World owns BellBoard, a website ringers use to record the details of ringing performances, and submit them for print in the RW. All peals that are rung are printed in the Ringing World, and the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers uses the printed record for its annual analysis of peal ringing. All records of quarter peals and shorter performances that are submitted for print are printed. We routinely edit these performance records, occasionally to shorten them but mostly just for house style. 

Some people don't think so many pages should be taken up with peal and quarter peal records. After a community-wide survey of over 3,000 ringers in 2014, the Ringing World concluded that the ringing community still valued us printing peals and quarter peals.

When ringers submit a performance record for print, many make a small donation to the Ringing World towards printing. Our current suggested donation is 50p per ringer. We print details of all such donations with the performance.


Who are the writers?

Almost all our writers are active ringers. The content of the RW is a mix of articles submitted freely by them, and some requested, edited or written by the editorial team.

Currently, none of our writers (except the editors) are paid. Winners of our Front Cover Competition receive a small prize (currently £25) if their submitted photograph is printed. Apart from advertising and notices, no one pays for their content to appear. 

We generally have a policy against people who write under pseudonyms or initials.

One exception is 'AJB' - Anthony J Barnfield, one of The Ringing World's most loyal, prolific and well-loved authors. To avoid any charge of obfuscation, we're planning to introduce him with a special profile here soon.

It's rumoured that, very occasionally, one or two past Editors have occasionally written letters under pseudonyms.

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