by Brian Meads & Roger Booth

Activity at the Ringing Foundation has stepped up a gear. We are currently raising £26,000 towards the employment of the part-time administrator needed by the Association of Ringing Teachers.

We are also working on implementing the subsequent phases of our Business Plan. These are our youth strategy, which aims to establish at least twenty new young ringers’ groups over the next three years, and the development of recruitment initiatives.

The Board has identified the need to find suitable volunteers with the skills needed and time available to help with this work, either as full members of the Board; as members of our fund-raising sub-committee, or as members of working parties looking into recruitment initiatives and youth work.

The commitment of a Director is four meetings a year, the AGM and as much work as you can fit in between meetings. We will be looking for new Directors to play an active part in the sub-committee or one of our working parties. Our Board meetings are currently held in London, but could be held elsewhere. We reimburse Directors’ travelling expenses.

Sub-committees and working parties meet through regular telephone conference calls. Therefore they do not involve the same commitment in attending face to face meetings, but there is still plenty of work to do!

If you wish to find out more, you are welcome to come as an observer to one of our Board meetings, or talk things over with either:

Brian Meads
Chair of the Board
01376 562892


Roger Booth
Chair of the fund raising Committee
07411 181 583

In the meantime the Ringing Foundation welcomes donations from individuals and Societies to help with its work. Full details of the various methods of donating are on our website

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