The Tower Stewardship Committee was formed in 2006 in order to give guidance in the general areas of tower management within the wider community recognising Church and Common Law. Recent work by members of the Tower Stewardship Committee includes the following:

Guidance Note 1 – Insurance and Ringing.
This Guidance Note has had a substantial review, including recommendations regarding public liability.

Guidance Note 3 – Child Protection.
Ongoing amendments to legislation require us to regularly review our advice in this area. This Guidance Note 3 and ancillary notes have been substantially reviewed, including the function of the new “Disclosure and Barring Service” (DBS).

Two new resources have been added to the Tower Stewardship website:

Social Media Advice – with a proliferation of ringing websites, blogs, newsfeeds and tweets, we offer some commonsense advice on some important “Do’s and Don’ts.

Alliance to Reduce Crime Against Heritage (A.R.C.H.) – the Central Council is now affiliated with this initiative, and we encourage all ringers to increase and maintain their vigilance in order to prevent theft and vandalism around the buildings in which we enjoy ringing.

All these updates and resources can be found on the website.

In April 2013, members of the Central Council will hold the annual liaison meeting with representatives from the Ecclesiastical Insurance Group. If any ringer has any concerns related to ringing and insurance that should be raised with Ecclesiastical, please get in touch with the Committees Chairman, Christopher O’Mahony

Christopher O’Mahony
Chairman, CCCBR Tower Stewardship Committee

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Central Council of Church Bell Ringers