The Central Council Committee for Redundant Bells held its latest meeting on Friday, 12th July at The Ringing World offices in Andover; also in attendance was David Kelly from the Keltek Trust.

  • The committee currently reviews 20+ cases of churches with bells that are facing closure or that have closed and for which the future of the bells is still uncertain.
  • We are working closely with the Church Buildings Council and the Church Commissioners to develop a policy that will ensure that where the use of the building will no longer be ecclesiastical that the bells can be transferred to an alternative location where use and access is guaranteed; the next meetings with these organisations is in August.
  • We are also looking to develop a relationship with the Churches Conservation Trust: 66 of the churches in the CCT have rings of bells that are ringable; it is to the benefit of the CCT and the ringing community if we pool our expertise to ensure the future viability of these bells.
  • Members of the Committee for Redundant Bells are the trustees for the Bells Rescue Fund: this is used to fund the emergency removal of bells from redundant churches. It has been agreed that a second loan be made to Keltek Trust to support their ability to transfer bells between churches. Over the past few years the demand for bells has remained steady: the supply is dependent on the release of bells from redundant churches; unfortunately, supply, in terms of releasing bells for transfer, is falling.


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