The first article on ringing for public events two years ago (RW 2011 p.935) described the long history of ringing for the community as well as for the Church, and introduced the ‘Things to Ring For’ service on the Central Council website. As well as lists of church festivals, saint’s days and annual secular celebrations it has a list of many notable anniversaries of historic events that are coming up during the next few years.

The aim is to allow you to see future events that may generate public interest, either (inter)nationally or locally so that you can plan ahead if you want to link ringing to them, and especially if you can use the occasion to generate local coverage and interest in your ringing. Obviously some of the events are more significant than others, and by providing an eclectic list, we hope there will be something for everyone.

So what’s coming up? Here are a few highlights –

You would need to be very quick to catch the 50th anniversary of the extent of Major (27th July). Hot on its heels is the 800th anniversary of the meeting of barons and clergy at St Albans (4th August) that started the process leading to Magna Carta (June 2015) which will be a massive opportunity for ringing.

Later this year is the 300th anniversary of Stedman’s burial (16th November) and the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination (22nd November), and early next year is the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth (April). These are just a few of the events listed at If you haven’t already done so you might also like to look at the pages of advice and information about engaging your local public with ringing, at

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