Have your say in the future of ringing

At the this year’s Central Council meeting the work of the Recruitment and Training Forum was discussed which, although many aspects had been covered, highlighted the need for involvement of all ringers in planning for the future. In order to improve the understanding of what is already being done for the future and draw upon the expertise and ideas of active ringers today, a series of regional seminars is being arranged to which everyone is invited to take part.

The seminars will have key themes:

Listening to You – what is your vision for the future?

Communication – current initiatives explained – ITTS (Integrated Teacher Training System), ART (Association of Ringing Teachers), Central Council services and Ringing Foundation work.

Engagement – your ideas on what is working well and what needs improving and how this may be done.

Actions – agree actions to be taken up locally and means of achieving them in terms of both human and financial resources.

Who is taking part? – there will be speakers from the ART, RF and CCCBR together with representatives from local ringing societies but most importantly all interested local ringers.

Where are they being held? – the first seminar will take place at Nantwich, St Mary’s church on Saturday, 12th October. This will be followed by one at the Friends Meeting House, Nottingham on Saturday, 16th November.

Further seminars are being planned in South Wales (likely December) with the intention to hold a spread of such gatherings across the country during 2014 and discussions are taking place with local host societies, which will lead with local publicity and there will be notices in The Ringing World.


Now is your chance to have an input into the Future of Ringing in your area and beyond. Do try to attend your nearest seminar, send in your ideas in advance and contact your local society if you feel one should be arranged locally.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Vice President, Central Council

BB BellBoard
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers