Some highlights of the Central Council PR Committee meeting at St Paul’s, Birmingham on 23rd February.

Three of our members were ‘present’ by Skype (in Australia, USA and IoM). The President joined us (she obviously thinks PR is important). We reviewed replies to our consultation with Council members about grass roots ringers’ awareness of the Council and its work. 30% of replies came from new Council members. Feedback included helpful practical suggestions as well as some critical comments about the way Council does things.

Our decision last summer to circulate articles to society secretaries for local interest was well received. We are now putting articles on our website at and sending a link. This has the benefit of being able to look at any time to see whether there is anything of interest.

Plans for the Roadshow at Newbury on 6th September are progressing well and tickets will be available on-line soon.

We will shortly make some revisions to our popular leaflet advertising ringing.

We intend to follow up a sample of the many people who have used our Learn to Ring enquiry service to see how many took up ringing and how they progressed.

We reviewed work by students in Reading University typography department on how to brand and promote ringing as an activity. They generated ideas that we will be using and promoting.

As well as our long-standing support for the BBC Bells on Sunday programme we are discussing the use of bell recordings every weekday with another radio station.

Chairman, CCCBR PRC

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Central Council of Church Bell Ringers