Here are the results of the London 12 Bell Competition held at St Mary-le-Bow on Saturday, 30th October:

  Position   Team                              Peal Speed    Score  
1 Ancient Society of College Youths (M) 3h35 91% (rang 4th)
2 Society of Royal Cumberland Youths 3h29 88% (rang 3rd)
3 St Martin-in-the-Fields 3h30 81% (rang 9th)
4 University of London Society 3h26 79% (rang 6th)
5 St Paul’s Cathedral 3h34 77% (rang 8th)
6 Cornhill 3h34 75% (rang 2nd)
7 Ancient Society of College Youths (J) 3h31 73% (rang 5th)
8 Southwark Cathedral 3h16 70% (rang10th)
9 South Croydon 3h32 65% (rang 7th)
10 Middlesex County Association & London D.G.   3h30 50% (rang 1st)

We hope to have a full report with some pictures shortly.

BB BellBoard
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers