Saturday, April 2nd 2011

Test Piece: 288 Cambridge S Maximus


Judges: Frederick Shallcross (Chief), Robert C. Kippin, Andrew B. Mills, Bernard H. Taylor

Pos   Band Peal Speed Score Ringing Order
1st Birmingham 3h31 92% 7th
2nd Melbourne 3h26 85% 4th
3rd York 3h29 84% 6th
4th Oxford 3h29 81% 5th
5th Southwark 3h37 68% 3rd
6th Liverpool 3h25 58% 1st
7th Hursley 3h38 53% 2nd


Judges: Margaret Whiteley (Chief), Thomas W. Griffiths, John M. Thurman, John H. Fielden

Pos Band Peal Speed Score Ringing Order
1st Bristol 3h37 80% 4th
2nd ASCY 3h45 78% 7th
3rd Exeter 3h43 76% 2nd
4th Leeds 3h49 74% 3rd
5th St Martin-in-the-Fields 3h37 71% 6th
6th Towcester 3h32 68% 5th
7th Norwich 3h46 65% 1st


Judges: Mark W. Regan (Chief), Paul L. Carless, Neil Bennett, David F. Moore

Pos Band Peal Speed Score Ringing Order
1st Stockton-on-Tees 3h31 88% 7th
2nd St Paul’s Cathedral 3h54 85% 4th
3rd Cambridge 3h38 83% 3rd
4th Guildford 3h38 81% 5th
5th SRCY 4h7 70% 1st
6th Southampton 3h52 63% 2nd
7th Macclesfield 3h43 60% 6th

Congratulations to the Ancient Society of College Youths, the Society of Cambridge Youths, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Exeter, Melbourne, St Paul’s, Stockton-on-Tees and York who go through to the Final at Leeds Parish Church on Saturday, June 25th.

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