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In 2011, The Ringing World enjoyed a year of celebration and reflection on 100 years of life at the heart of change ringing. As we enter 2012, we are looking ahead and are excited to launch the first stage of our initiative to serve the needs of the ringing community in 2012 and beyond.
The Ringing World is delighted to announce BellBoard, the first step in the development of The Ringing World’s new online resource.

What is it?

BellBoard has been created by Richard Smith from Cambridge, on behalf of the Ringing World Ltd. Richard is a highly skilled and experienced programmer running his own Information Technology company and is an ideal person to be involved with this project.
Although such a facility has been under discussion for some time at The Ringing World, work started on the initial version of BellBoard just three days before its launch on Monday, 16th January, triggered by the ongoing loss of the Campanophile website (still ‘down’ at the time of going to press).
In this three day period, many records from The Ringing World’s and some Campanophile data have been made freely accessible on BellBoard. Further, the site has been set up for individuals to register as a user, post peals and quarters for public viewing and submit these details to The Ringing World.
Over this short time we have restored the facility to share and view ringing reports immediately that is highly valued by so many. We are delighted that it is already being embraced by many ringers and urge you to continue the sharing of peal and quarter peal data via BellBoard.
This is, though, only the tip of the iceberg for BellBoard. Although this initial offering acts primarily to mitigate the risks arising from the difficulties faced by Campanophile, our vision for the website extends far beyond its current form. The Ringing World has engaged the very best skills and has the resources and ambition to develop and maintain a facility which will serve the ringing community for many years to come.

Why now?

The Ringing World currently receives the majority of peal and quarter peal submissions via Campanophile. In the short term, the loss of this facility impacts our business and escalates the risk that our peal and quarter peal publications will be incomplete or out of date. We hope that the Campanophile service will be restored and have made every effort to connect with and support the owner to assist him, but now believe that The Ringing World must take action.
We know that the ability to share, store and view information instantly is essential for many ringers today and we consider that it is now time for The Ringing World to use its skills and resources to ensure that this will remain possible.
Critically, we believe that The Ringing World can provide a resource with unique advantages:

  • It will include complete and accurate peal and quarter peal records as published in The Ringing World;
  • It will be managed by The Ringing World and thus benefit from the financial stability and solid long term prospects offered by our organisation.

I would like to emphasise that the facility to submit peals and quarter peals and perform basic searches on all peal and quarter peal records on BellBoard will be provided at no cost to the user.
In the long term, we believe that The Ringing World must harness the opportunities offered by online tools in order to engage with our future readership. We will make every effort to do this as we step into our second century.

What’s next?

First, please visit BellBoard. The Ringing World has set this up for you and we would love to see you using it! Go to:

Second, watch out for our BellBoard Bulletins which we will publish both in The Ringing World and online. These will keep you up to date regarding how the website is changing and improving week by week.
Third, we invite your suggestions, contribution and feedback on our work as it progresses. Fundamentally, BellBoard has been created to connect ringing and ringers and enhance the experience of being a ringer, so we would like to receive constructive feedback as we progress.

Chairman, The Ringing World Ltd

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