Last and final update 8.00pm Saturday 6th Sept. The Cambridge Three successfully completed their sponsored peal of 15,120 minor in hand, raising £400 for the Ringing Foundation. Scroll down for the latest content . . .  

Thursday 4 September 12 noon

Bare Stand

Here is a view of the Ringing World stand before the work starts. We tried to move the pillar, but the combined force of the Board was unable to lift it. Perhaps it's holding the roof up? The two-dimensional stand plan showed nothing on the z-axis!

Roadshow during setup

 Ringing Roadshow preparation? Looks more like a white van man convention!

Thursday 4th 3.00pm

The Carter Ringing Machine

The Carter Ringing Machine - Abel for those without a PC, and probably more reliable! But it does require Brasso and a few drops of oil.

Sampford Spiney bells

The rehung bells from Sampford Spiney on the Nicholsons stand. This was unloaded from the lorry in one piece. Is plug and play the future of bellhanging?

Roger Bailey

That's odd! What's happened to David Bagley's oddstruckness meter?

Chairman sweeping

We found the Chairman a job... sweeping the stand with her hairbrush! The problem with lending your display stands to an agricultural exhibition is that they come back covered in grass.

Garden Centre

New this year - the Ringing World garden centre. But isn't it the circulation we should be growing?

Whites of Appleton

Whites of Appleton rehanging a bell. Hopefully the paint will be dry by tomorrow.

Thursday 4th 6.00pm

RW stand at 6pm

The Ringing World stand at 6.00pm, nearing completion. The stand crew are busy setting out mugs, diaries, calendars and anything else we think we can sell.

RW banner 

This banner greets visitors as they enter the hall. We are all set for tomorrow!

Friday 5th 9.00am - before the rush starts

Mini rings

Mini-rings in the rain

Before the rush

Before the crowds arrive . . .

Taylor's stand

Taylors' stand. Is that a van still there in the background?

The Whitechapel stand

The Whitechapel stand.To quote Alan Hughes 'They asked me to bring the foundry to the roadshow - so I did!'

Friday 5th - 1.00pm

Andrew Milla with paintbrush

Andrew Mills doing some last-minute painting on the Hayward-Mills stand.

Presentation to Angela Newing

Robert Lewis presenting Angela Newing with a Ringing World mug and calendar to thank her for putting together our Roadshow prize quiz.

Queue at the RW stand

Customers queueing at the Ringing World stand. Sales have been very busy despite the rain.

Boudewijn Zwart

Boudewijn Zwart playing the mobile carillon, consisting of 50 bells cast by Petit and Fritsen in 2003.

Friday 5th, 4.00pm


Jane Wilkinson chairs a question-and-answer seminar with Brian White, Chris Povey and Alan Hughes on what goes on upstairs.

The Charmborough ring

Attendees brave the weather to ring on The Charmborough Ring, one of the heavier mini-rings at the show.

Mini-ring in plastic mac

Speaking of mini-rings, here's one in a plastic mac . . .


. . . here's one with it's own built in sunshade (rather optimistic on a day like today) . . .


. . . and here's one built into a tent. No need to find a hotel tonight!

The Editor

David Thorne advised the Editor never to be photographed with a glass in his hand. No-one mentioned bottles . . .

Saturday 6th 10.30am

Steve Coleman leading a session on raising and lowering in peal - so he says . . .

Steve Coleman

Another demonstration from the well-articulated Steve Coleman . . .

Handbell concert

Part of a handbell concert from TorBells.

Peal records committee

Martin Turner checking some peal records.

Business at the Whitechapel stand

Business being conducted on the Whitechapel stand.

The Whitechapel stand

Nos 31-32 Whitechapel Road reconstructed at Stoneleigh.

Pritchard's ropes

A colourful stand for Pritchard's ropes - any combination you could wish for!

Handbells on Taylor's stand

Handbells on display on the Taylor stand.

Handling lesson

A bell-handling lesson.

RW stand

A rare quiet moment on the Ringing World stand.

RW stand

A general view of our stand from the restaurant balcony.

Fisheye view

A fisheye view of the whole exhibition (taken by Neil Thomas of the Whitechapel Bellfoundry)

Boudewijn Zwart

A photo of the world-famous carilloneur Boudewijn Zwart on the British Carillon Society stand.

Handbell demonstration

A demonstration of handbell ringing.

Higby bellhangers

Matthew Higby and crew in an uncomfortable pose.

George Dawson's mini-ring

George Dawson's mini-ring being erected first thing on Saturday monring.

Taylor's stand

Taylor's stand before the rush starts.

Young recruit

A very young recruit getting his first bell-handling lesson.

Cambridge three

The Cambridge Three at the start of their sponsored handbell peal.

Taylor's bar

Taylor's Tavern, filling up with customers even early in the day.


Impressive juggling skills on display.

Dutch bellringers

A visiting party of Dutch bellringers being giving handling practice on one of the dumb-bells.

George Dawson

George Dawson on the Hayward Mills stand.

Hayward ring

A complete ring of bells for Clifton, Notts, on the Hayward Mills stand.

Ringing Foundation

The Ringing Foundation stand, advertising the sponsored peal taking place near the bar.

John Camp

John Camp with an impressive display of empties.

Saturday 6th 3.30pm

End of peal

The Cambridge Three ringing to applause at the successful end of their sponsored peal of 15,120 minor.

Stef Warboys

Stef Warboys, one of the conference organisers, on the Ringing World stand.

Saturday 6th, 4.30pm

Ten minirings

The weather has brightened up considerably, and all ten mini-rings are now in use. It has to be said that the sound of ten mini-rings rung together is not entirely pleasant!

Ping-pong with belleplates

Playing ping-ping with belleplates.

Higby simulator

Ringing on the Higby simulator.

The end of the day

Last minute rush on the Ringing World stand before the end of the show.

Saturday 6th 8.00pm - the last update 

Packing the Lichfield mobile belfry

Packing the Lichfield mobile belfry.

Empty exhibition hall

The almost empty exhibition hall, with the last stands being removed.

Empty hall

One last view of the almost empty hall. 

Everyone we have spoken to rates this year's roadshow as an enormous success. The Ringing World stand has been very busy on both days  - we have sold a huge amount of merchandise, many new subscriptions and met many friends old and new. We hope this blog has given those unable to attend the Roadshow a flavour of this excellent event.


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