We are delighted to announce the names of the three assistant judges for The Ringing World National Youth Contest on Saturday, 26th March 2011 at St Saviour’s, Pimlico.

Tessa Beadman

Tessa learnt to ring in 1997 at Guildford Cathedral. A year after ringing her first peal in 2002 she joined the Ancient Society of College Youths, before turning her back on the bright lights of the City and heading to Cambridge in 2005 to study Natural Sciences. While at university Tessa joined the Cambridge University Guild, and made a valuable contribution to the society by becoming the Guild’s “girly-chat” officer (and also secretary). In 2008 she moved back to London for a Master’s degree at Imperial College, where she found a new niche drinking, and even ringing, with the University of London Society. Tessa currently lives in Reading, and continues to ring regularly in London.

James Marchbank

I started ringing in 1998, age 12. My dad taught me to ring at Cheadle (Cheshire), which was my home tower until I moved to Macclesfield just over a year ago. I went to Oxford University (2004-2008) and was master of the OUS in 2006.

I’ve been joint branch ringing master of the East branch of the Chester Guild for the last two years, in which time I’ve been trying to raise interest/awareness in branch ringing events, in particular encouraging people who have not rung much on higher numbers to attend branch eight and twelve bell practices.

Imogen Brooke

I started learning to ring when I was 9 years old at Great St Mary’s in Cambridge. My Dad taught me and my four siblings to ring and it has been nice to do things together as a family. A few months ago the seven of us rang in my youngest sister’s first quarter peal and the eighth member of the band was the midwife who delivered her! I have rung several peals, including 8-spliced and Bristol and Cambridge Maximus. I used to ring regularly at GSM and Trumpington and it was a nice way of meeting people from all age groups. I am a member of the Society of Cambridge Youths and recently became a member of the Ancient Society of College Youths which has given me the chance to ring with a variety of new people.In 2008 I was a member of the Cambridge Youths’ band in
the National Twelve Bell striking contest eliminator in Sheffield. I have also rung in the Ridgman Trophy as a member of the team for the Ely Diocesan Assocition of Church Bell Ringers. In October I began studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol and I joined the University of Bristol Society of Change Ringers. I have enjoyed getting involved in the student practices particularly as it is nice to ring with more people who are a similar age to me.

Tessa, James and Imogen will be working with the Chief Judge, Simon Linford.

Nigel Herriott

BB BellBoard
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers