All Centenary ticket and brochure orders received up to 9th February were despatched last Wednesday and Thursday by 2nd Class post. Later orders will be sent out in batches. We will keep you up to date with any further developments in plans for the day on the web site, in the paper and through the Centenary email list.

It is not too late to buy Royal tickets. These may be purchased through our web site or by sending your order with a cheque to our office. City Tours may also be booked.

Together with the brochures and tickets you have ordered you will receive an application form for ringing at the Abbey, St Paul's or for the tour of Westminster Abbey bell tower. Please note that the application form requests that you apply for only one activity. Those ticking more than one box will not be entered for the ballot, but will be included if there is an insufficient number of applicants for one of the activities they have ticked and a ballot is not required. In fairness to all, multiple applications (i.e. more than one applicant per form) cannot be accepted. The closing date for receipt of applications is 25th February.

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