Ringing World 5260 (17 February 2012)

Front Cover: St Peter’s, Caverswall – the story of a bell restoration project
by Geoff Cartwright
The village of Caverswall is situated in North Staffordshire, close to the south eastern edge of the large, sprawling Potteries conurbation, and close to the Peak District, but somehow manages to retain its own unique identity. The village still has a Castle dating back to c800 AD, which evolved into a Stone Mansion with a moated stockade by around 1223 AD. The Castle was completely rebuilt on its original foundations in the early 17th century as the Grade I listed, moated building we see today.

Learning the Ropes with the ITTS
Mentor, teacher and learners working together at Harbourne
Three years ago I taught Tracy to ring. One year ago, Tracy began to teach others to ring. At about the same time we heard about ITTS (Integrated Teacher Training Scheme). The St Martin’s Guild hosted Module 1 in April 2011 and Tracy and I went along as Student Teacher and Mentor. It was a well thought out and enjoyable day. Even the “old dogs” learned a few “new tricks”. Knowledge was shared and everyone left with a feeling that this is the way forward for teaching ringing.
Now, putting it into practice …

Always check – a cautionary tale
St Laurence, Stroud
On the morning of the Sunday before Christmas, after a mis-catch of a flighty sally, the previously stressed stay on the treble of the ten finally gave way. The bell rang itself down, but the rope could not be pulled back down with the pole-hook as had always been possible in the past. In order to avoid any bumping about interfering with the service it was decided not to attend to it there and then and as the bells would not be required for another month, to leave it until after the holiday period.

Bells on Sunday - Michael Orme
Come Bell Ringing - Tina Stoecklin
One sustainable, reliable site - Philip Sealey
CCCBR Committee Reports - Anthony P. Smith
Lost quarter peal rules - Sue Marsden
Summoned by Bells - Mark Regan
Snowy surprise - Tony Foster
The real thing? - Helen McGregor
Fill my gap please - Mark Wilson

What is a quarter peal? by Alan Pink
It may seem odd that this question should be raised in a magazine that devotes many pages a week to publishing details of such performances. But it is a fact, bizarre but true, that no-one really knows what a quarter peal is. Quarters seem to exist in a kind of outer darkness, and no Central Council rules apply to them.
So what? You might say. Quarter peal ringers seem to get on perfectly well without a generally agreed definition. But a definition of what a quarter peal is becomes potentially very relevant when it is a question of naming new methods.

A “Sonnet” quarter peal of Grandsire Caters by Andrew C. D. Mayes
Looking at a collection of quarter peals of Grandsire Caters recently, it suddenly occurred to me that the usual fourteen courses required seemed to reflect the traditional fourteen lines of a sonnet. The whimsical (though hopefully not pretentious) idea came to me of composing a quarter peal of Grandsire Caters with the arrangement of bells at the course ends to match the usual rhyming scheme of an Italian or “Petrarchan” sonnet.

Christopher Bryan Kitson, Jennifer Anne Murphy

KiC Christmas outing
Fifteen young ringers from all corners of the Coventry Guild descended on Coventry on Saturday, 3rd December for ringing and skating.
We started at All Saints Allesley (mind your head as you go up the steps!). Everyone had a turn at rounds and call changes and then plain hunting. With Nadeem on the tenor and Emily on the treble there were enough parents to form a band for Bob Triples, a first for a
KiC meeting!

Neil’s magic figure reached
In January, Neil Skelton living in Wilton, Salisbury, reached what he termed that ‘magic’ figure by completing 50 years’ membership of The Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers.

Thought for the week
What the dickens shall I write about? is a question I sometimes have when a submission date is near. With that thought, in a year when a recent leading article has been devoted to Charles Dickens and his evident love of the sound of bells, my mind gives thought to Ebenezer Scrooge.

The Ringing World National Youth Contest
by Robert Lewis and Adrian Udal
The second Ringing World National Youth Contest will take place from 10am on Saturday, 30th June 2012 at St Paul’s Church, Birmingham. This eight bell striking contest is an exciting opportunity for bands of ringers aged under 19 years (on 30th June) who may choose to ring Call Changes, Triples or Major. We were delighted with the success of the first competition held last March and look forward to seeing some of those contestants again this year, plus many ‘new faces’ too.

Huntingdon District Dinner
On Saturday evening, 4th February, 91 members, spouses and friends sat down to a dinner at The George Hotel Huntingdon. This was a record for the District, for such annual dinners were commenced eight or nine years ago, commencing with 35 gathering together. Since then, they have developed with the last two years having 80 for each occasion.

BB BellBoard
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers