Standard diary

Pencil diary

Leather bound

The Ringing World Diary 2014 contains quick reference pages for methods, touches, quarters and contacts. Content updated for 2014: latest CCCBR and association contact details; First Peals, Record Lengths and Notable Events; The Great Bells of Britain; Doubles to Maximus methods and touches; pages of hints and tips.
Pocket-sized – dimensions (standard diary) are 118mm (h) x 82mm (w) x 14mm (d)

Prices including UK p&p or surface mail to Rest of the World (excluding Europe for which Air Mail is compulsory):

  • Standard: £7.30 each
  • Pencil: £7.70 each
  • Leather: £12.50 each

Overseas Air Mail: £1.50 per item (this is required for Europe but optional for the Rest of the World)

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