Subscribing to The Ringing World

We accept payment for subscriptions via Direct Debit.

Currently this is available to customers opting for worldwide online-only or 12 month UK postal subscriptions. Direct Debits can only be raised against UK bank accounts (and some building society accounts), therefore overseas customer will need to have access to a UK bank account.

Once you have created a Direct Debit, payments will be taken in full once a year and we will renew your subscription automatically until you ask us to stop.

Please read the following before proceeding:

Current subscription prices:

Annual subscription, UK, paper copy: £91.00
Annual subscription, worldwide, online-only: £64.00
If this is a renewal, please give your subscriber reference (found on your address slip):
If you have a promotional code, please enter it here:

Paper mandate forms

The paper form, which is laid out according to guidelines set by the Banks, does not have a space for your own address, or the type of subscription that you wish to purchase. Please make sure you include a covering letter giving this information, as otherwise we may find it rather difficult to deliver your copy.