We now offer FOUR ways to pay for your subscription - click & choose your payment method.

The prices below apply to issues from 1st January 2022, including those renewing their subscription in December 2021 by cheque or bank transfer.

(Note that some payment options are only available for annual subscriptions.)

Online-only Subscription
available worldwide (including UK)
One copy 12 months £67.00
One copy 6 months £37.00
UK subscriptions
One copy 12 months £96.00
One copy 6 months £53.00
One copy 3 months £30.00
Outside the UK

Europe (including Eire)

12 months £143.00  
Rest of World 12 months £154.00  

When will my new subscription start?

  • Subscriptions start with the first issue of the month.
  • You can also backdate the starting date, within reason, and receive the back copies.


Subscribers to the paper version of the magazine will receive, in the last three weeks of their subscription, a yellow renewal form with their magazine. All online subscribers receive an email reminder to renew in the last month of their subscription. If we don’t receive a reply to these, we will do our best to be in touch with you by email, letter and phone in the last few weeks of your subscription.

Customers who pay by cheque or bank transfer will need to pay to renew before the end of their subscription. Customers who pay by Direct Debit pay in the first month of their subscription.

If you pay by Direct Debit we will only contact you at renewal if the debit process fails.


If wish to cancel your subscription partway through, we offer a refund process. The price of six or more complete months remaining of a subscription will be refunded minus a £10 administration charge.


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